Inspection Manager

Inspection Manager encloses all functionalities for an easier management of a Plant's Inspection Data .

The database is based on the acquisition of the items found within the plant’s P&ID that are unequivocally loaded and connected with their card. Drawing and process data, specifications, reports and maintenance history can be included.
The main features of Inspection Manager (IM) are:

  • Deadline Log Book Management
  • Report Creation
  • Technical Card Display
  • Inspection Budget Management
  • TML (Thickness Measurements Location) and welding display also in the 3D model
  • Corrosion Management
  • Tube bundle management
  • Display and research both in P&ID and 3D
  • Track valves
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Technical Modules

Geo-referenced Pipeline Management

The module allows geo-referenced management of the pipeline and of all its data with an all-round perspective (thickness measurements, cathode protection).


Document Coordinating

The fact of having all items recorded allows attaching any type of document , making it safely retrievable.


3D Laser Scanning

Antea, with a strong 3D modeling background, can also use Laser Scanning methodology to produce a three-dimensional point cloud for plants surveying and subsequent modeling.


Cathodic Protection

Cathode protection systems (CP), as they are integrating element of the assets, are designed to ensure structures durability and avoid damage to the environment and to people.