Antea’s software solutions are developed totally and exclusively by its associates, ensuring a high level of flexibility and customization.

The “PALLADIO” suite has, among other features, the purpose of documenting operational activities carried out in any type of industrial system (inspections, scheduled maintenance, stops); this documentation, because of safety, planning and management requirements and the need to interface with external Institutions, is easily found within “PALLADIO”, thanks to its graphic potentialities as well.

The as-is status of the system and the various technical documents acquired over time (construction drawings, test reports, etc, ) or products (inspection, engineering maintenance reports) is presented by means of indexes created in accordance with business documents, such as P&ID, or survey operations with laser scanning (3D as-built modelling).

When possible, uploaded data are usable for testing and can also be acquired by other systems being used,such as SAP, Maximo or other business software after they are synchronized.

“PALLADIO” is based on the interconnection of several modules, always ensuring a broad vision of the whole Plant.

The keystones of “ PALLADIO” are:

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT (Document Coordination)

Palladio Web

A Java Web Application developed to manage the different types of components, to schedule inspections and deadlines assigned and to integrate the various technical information in a single environment.

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Inspection Manager

Inspection Manager encloses all functionalities for an easier management of a Plant's Inspection Data .

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3D Laser Scanning

Antea, with a strong 3D modeling background, can also use Laser Scanning methodology to produce a three-dimensional point cloud for plants surveying and subsequent modeling.

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Document Coordinating

The fact of having all items recorded allows attaching any type of document , making it safely retrievable.

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P&ID Management

The P&ID module comes from the need to have P&ID always updated to the present situation.

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Circuit Management

Circuit Management allows highlighting the plant's various circuits on the P&ID, facilitating their monitoring.

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Chemical & Analysis

Information pertinent to chemical treatments to inhibit internal corrosion phenomena or improve the process are memorized in the Chemical & Analysis module.

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Sewage Systems

The management of plant sewage systems requires great attention as they convey process waste, harmful, toxic and dangerous material.

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Heater Management

The complexity of Heater exchanger has been tackled with a separate module that allows modeling and visualizing them down to the most specific details (serpentines).

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Geo-referenced Pipeline Management

The module allows geo-referenced management of the pipeline and of all its data with an all-round perspective (thickness measurements, cathode protection).

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Cathodic Protection

Cathode protection systems (CP), as they are integrating element of the assets, are designed to ensure structures durability and avoid damage to the environment and to people.

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Tank Farm

The tank inventory has a specific area within the Antea Software Suite to attain a high level of details.

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Off-Shore Platform

A specific module has been developed in order to simplify platform management and to provide an immediate display through 3D representation.

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