Antea’s software solutions are developed totally and exclusively by its associates, ensuring a high level of flexibility and customization.

For years Antea distributed the “PALLADIO” suite, a Windows based platform which has, among other features, the purpose of documenting operational activities carried out in any type of industrial system (inspections, scheduled maintenance, stops); this documentation, because of safety, planning and management requirements and the need to interface with external Institutions, is easily found within “PALLADIO”, thanks to its graphic potentialities as well.


As evolution of “PALLADIO” and expansion of its capabilities Antea distributes a platform completely web based, branded "ANTEA™". To use it there is no requirement for any web server or application server of any sort.

When possible, uploaded data are usable for testing and can also be acquired by other systems being used, such as SAP, Maximo or other business software after they are synchronized.

ANTEA™ is based on the interconnection of several modules, always ensuring a broad vision of the whole Plant.

The ANTEA™ platform comprises:



Antea Core

Extensible with comprehensive IDMS apps and asset-specific RBI data for automated API 581 compliance. Integrates directly with all major EAM platforms and allows for easy migration from other AIM/IDMS platforms. Janus enables you to bi-directionally link all asset information to P&IDs, 3D point cloud, CAD and remote sensor/IIoT data.


Antea IDMS

Manage all P&IDs, datasheets, technical docs (mechanical drawings, isos, reports) 3D models and point cloud data , inspection data, planning , thickness , RBI. Easily generate inspection reports (VI, UT, PMI, etc.) and schedule all quality related activities (Inspection, Maintenance, Ops) all visualize in a 3d environment.


Antea RBI

API 581 compliance, validated by Bureau Veritas. Includes API 581 damage mechanisms for hundreds of assets; define custom damage mechanisms as needed. Quickly determine Probability of Failure (POF) and Consequence of Failure (COF) to better manage risk. Review risk matrices and plan of inspections can be managed into Antea IDMS software and the inspection data can be transfer to Antea RBI.


Antea PIMS

A robust set of tools to manage the entire quality life cycle of a pipeline; overlaying data on geolocational and geophysical maps for convenient access and advanced visualizations. Manage In Line Inspections (ILI), anomalies and cathodic potential values along pipeline. Access and view external inspections (ROV) including: bathymetric data, synchronized video with map, pipeline Risk analysis and inspection planning.


Antea E&I

Manage and monitor every unique E&I asset - including power cables, sensors, instruments, displays and switches from one convenient interface. Follow the electrical path from power substation to engine, tracking all switch boards and substations between; group items to define instrument chains, warning chains and stop chains. Easily obtain ISO 13005 and Versalis’ INDU/SETE/017 calibration results by comparing standard instrument signals with field instruments signals.


Antea F&S

From beginning to end, track your entire firefight system including: fire extinguishers, fire monitors, fire detection systems, and water extinguishing systems. On topographical maps and 3D scans to better visualize and optimize the inspections process. Track and plan inspections.


Antea RCA

Instantly access to critical information on malfunctions; advanced malfunction logs deliver all activities. Create actionable mitigating actions plans based on the logs, assign and activities/responsibilities; and track work progress of scheduled activities. Gather statistics about recovery times and send automated alerts to managers if task completion is getting out of plan parameters.


Antea WMS

From beginning to end, track your entire sewer network including culverts, inlets and basins. On topographical maps and 3D scans to better visualize and understand impact of failures. Track and plan inspections (video , chemical analysis, integrity).


Antea IOW

Allows the user to visualize data received from sensors using the real time data plugin. Operating windows are configured as upper and lower limits to control the input coming from the sensors; if behavior exceeds boundaries the status is logged and create an automated notification. Sensors can be managed on 2D Maps, 3D models or Point clouds; color code IOW information directly on the digital twin.


Antea VIA

Visualize the hierarchical structure of Items, item information/attachments, schedule status, 2D schematics and the item’s location on the point cloud. Upload pictures (from the picture library and the device’s camera). View, create and edit annotations on the point cloud. Receive on the mobile device the same notifications that appear in the user menu of the web application.