Cathodic Protection

Cathode protection systems (CP), as they are integrating element of the assets, are designed to ensure structures durability and avoid damage to the environment and to people.

The Cathodic Protection module was created to facilitate management and retrieval of the different data related to cathodic protection. It is possible to manage typical inspections and controls of cathodic protection, exploiting the plan positioning, on the P&I or the 3D to easily obtain the information.

The main applications of cathode protection concern:

  • The underground collection networks
  • Offshore platforms
  • Onshore and offshore conduits.

Therefore it will  be possible to:

  • Display historical and inspection reports
  • Coordinate any addenda
  • Manage elevations and walls
  • Manage the various types of inspection ( On/Off potential, Bioprobe, etc...)

This module includes a series of records and types of inspections created specifically for CP.

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