Heater Management

The complexity of Heater exchanger has been tackled with a separate module that allows modeling and visualizing them down to the most specific details (serpentines).

Once an item has been classified as a Furnace or Boiler one, it is possible to organize the structure by dragging the item from the Inspection Manager browser; all the inspection points will be load in the 3D model.

In this way the single databases that form the oven or the boiler can be designed in 3D, or alternatively, it can be assigned a photo or design as main representation of the item, if it is available.


  • 3D representation of parts of both internal and external processes
  • Facility to attach technical details to each 3D element (tubes, flanges and valves, etc.)
  • Display of TMLs (Thickness Measurements Location) on 3D model
  • Analysis history with results and trends


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