3D Laser Scanning

Antea, with a strong 3D modeling background, can also use Laser Scanning methodology to produce a three-dimensional point cloud for plants surveying and subsequent modeling.

The use of this technology allows, de facto, to acquire a company's asset data and specifications in a more natural and faster manner.

The entire process has the following steps:

  • Laser Scanning: provides the total scanning of the facility or any portion thereof, obtaining millions of points.
  • Point Cloud Rendering: the elements formed by points (Point Clouds) are transformed  into single Vector 3D elements.
  • Contextualization: each single item is recognized based on type starting from its Vector 3D representation with the ability to navigate intelligently through the facility, availability of technical data specific to each component

Antea has developed a tool that can reduce rendering time and optimize contextualization.

After completing the contextualization phase, it is possible to visualize a three-dimensional model of the whole system, as if walking inside it.

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