Palladio Web

A Java Web Application developed to manage the different types of components, to schedule inspections and deadlines assigned and to integrate the various technical information in a single environment.

PALLADIO WEB is meant as a basis to develop applications that provide:

• asset management functionalities for many types of objects
• scheduling of user defined tasks on the objects;
• logging of executed operations accomplished as execution of planned tasks;
• positioning of objects on 2D schematics, topographical maps and other kind of drawings;
• integration with other enterprise software (such as SAP, Maximo, WSSO services);
• mail notifications of predefined events.
All these functionalities have been exploited to build many distinct complete applications:

  • Electrical: to drive the management of the electrical and instrumentation parts of chemical plants
  • Buildings: to help the maintenance planning on building infrastructures;
  • Networks: to manage large distribution networks, such as gas networks

The Electrical Application is made to provide a productive user experience for those who manage the electrical and instrumental components of a chemical plant. A chemical plant is not only pipeline and vessels, but has a very dense network of power cables, sensors, instruments, displays and switches, and each of them must be catalogued and properly maintained.

The Building Application provides new object types that are specifically oriented to the management of civil structures and provides the possibility to create schedules and operations of many kind on any object.

The Networks Application was built to manage some tasks that are required for the correct operability of geographic distribution networks. Palladio lets the operators map their pipeline using geographic coordinates: in this way, every line, and every placed piece of equipment can be found on a map.

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