Tank Farm

The tank inventory has a specific area within the Antea Software Suite to attain a high level of details.

With this module it is possible to manage roofs, foundations and shells indicating the layout, sheet metal thickness and composition.
In particular, the following items are managed within the module:

  • fixed rooffloating roof
  • double roof for which it is possible to manage sheet metal from both sides
  • supports of floating roofs

Even for the tank inventory it is possible to activate the 3D display when available. The tank inventory can be colored based on fluid transported in order to have an immediate overall view.


  • Geo-referenced map management of tank positions
  • 3D Display of tanks
  • 3D management of construction details: floating roofs, fixed roofs, etc.
  • Positioning of survey areas on the 3D model
  • Geo-referenced map and 3D model management of interconnecting pipelines
  • Analysis history with results and trends


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